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June 2018
Can’t say enough about Jeremy…am unbelievably happy. Had no clue what I was doing. I had put off buying a house as I did not know where to start. Apparently all you have to do is call Jeremy…text him at all hours of the night but be ready for a response ok when do you want to see that house. Now? Ok…after work? Ok….Sunday? Ok….Jeremy organized everything…got me EVERYTHING I asked for. He even told me when to call and change the electric and cable over. I talked to people who said you didn’t pay for insurance or all the closing costs? I was like no one has to…well…apparently there is a lot that is negotiable…I had no idea…I waa kicking myself wondering why if it was so easy, I hadn’t done it earlier. Looks like I simply got lucky and called the right person. 5 stars pffft…they need more stars!!!!
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